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Magician's magical day

You have never heard of this happening.  This is as incomprehensible to you as is the chemical formula for a leading sugar substitute.  It is a Christmas miracle.  You will refuse to believe that this has happened.  You will be jealous of this thing which has never once happened in the history of forever, except last Sunday. 

This is huge.

In fact, it's down right Biblical.  It's so very Biblical that it's Old Testament, and that's as Biblical as it gets.

You ready?

The Magician said "yes." 

You read me.  The Magician, my Night Fury, my plesiosaur, my apex predator, the first man on Mars said, "yes."  Not once.  Not twice.  Not for an hour, but for a day.

Holy cow.  You need to back up and read that again.  I understand.

Because, yes, my Magician told me he was going to have a "yes" day last Sunday.  And then he carried through with it.  I kinda figured he'd get maybe 2 tasks into it before losing it; but no.  The kid went all dang day saying "yes" to everything I said and jumping to do it right away with a smile on his cherubic little face.  (If cherubim were skinny.)  Which is to say that from breakfast... all the way until bedtime... the Magician didn't talk back, ask questions, hem, haw, dilly, or dally.  He said "yes" for an entire day!  Every stinking time!

English lacks the words to express my amazement.  I think I need somebody who speaks Gaelic.  (The Irish seem like a people who would need plenty of words for "surprise" in their language.)


Pictures and news of the other 2 next time. 

Meanwhile the thoughts of our family go out to Mike and Della and their little girls, Elizabeth Edwards, her family, and all families affected by this horrible disease.

And to that end, save these dates next year:

April 9, Greater Fort Worth Race for the Cure

June 11, North Texas (Plano) Race for the Cure

October 2, Dallas - Fort Worth Ride for Kids

October 15, Dallas Race for the Cure


  • Pepe 4 years ago

    And why should that surprise anyone? He does know what time of year this is and he knows who's coming soon. HO! HO! HO!

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