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Magician Rick Thomas from the Masters of Illusion on levitation and dancing

Rick Thomas taking a bow
Rick Thomas taking a bow

What would you say was the most astounding act of levitation you have engaged in with your shows?

Rick Thomas

I think that the greatest of all magic in the world is levitation. I think everybody that has ever had a dream and dreamt of doing some type of magic. They are either floating in the air, or flying. We all wish we could do so, we all wish we could be supermen. So I created levitation in my show where not only my assistant flies in the air, but I do as well. There are so many different variations. I guarantee that what you see me perform as far as levitation is without question the finest in the world. You’ll feel it when you see it here live.

You won ballroom dance competitions in your youth, and still engage in ballroom during your live shows, what types of things did you learn years ago, that you still put use to in your live shows today?


I started dancing when I was 5 years old. My grandmother taught my sister and I ballroom dancing and we competed in competitions in ballroom dance for many years. I don’t compete anymore, but the dancing is still in my show. I am 6’4” and without that dancing I would be tripping over my feet. I use it in my show constantly. There was one thing that my grandmother always taught me when we were competing in competition dance, the judges completely encircle the floor. When you are dancing, there is a judge looking at you from every angle. They are not just sitting on a stage, as they do with Dancing With the Stars, but literally encircling the floor. No matter where you turn, and no matter where you look, a judge is looking at you. My grandmother would teach always smile, on stage you are always on.

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