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Magical vacations 101: deities of travel, roads and good weather

Dr. Vollmers Wörterbuch der Mythologie aller Völker, third edition Stuttgart, 1874
Dr. Vollmers Wörterbuch der Mythologie aller Völker, third edition Stuttgart, 1874

There are many deities associated with travel, journeys, roads and good weather. Consider working with one while making your summer vacation plans! Always remember, before working with any deity, to research them fully and form a relationship with them first.


Adeona (Roman) Goddess of journeys, protectress of travelers
Artemis (Greek): Ancient travelers turned to Artemis for granting good weather. Honor or invoke her with acorns.
Fortuna Redux (Roman): This aspect of Fortuna watches over all travelers. Petition her for a happier, luckier trip. Fortuan Redux can also be petitioned for predictions about what is to come on your travels. No matter what your mode of travel, you can ask for her blessings by carrying chamomile on your person, or putting an oak leaf in your shoe.
Hecate (Greek) Goddess of crossroads, protects travelers from evil on the road
Hina (Polynesian): Patroness of travelers. Honor her with any 2 sided object (like a coin).
Lam Lha (Tibetan): Goddess of travlers
Luna (Roman): Protectress of charioteers, which could translate to modern day automobiles
Rhiannon (Celtic, aka Epona): Most known for being the goddess of horses, she is also a goddess of the sea. Petition her for safe travel on cruises or flights over water.
Yachimata-hime (Shinto) Goddess of innumerable roads


Apollo (Greek): God of travel and drives the chariot of the sun
Ekchuah (Aztec) God of travel
Chimata-No-Kai (Shinto) God of crossroads
Chung-Kuei (Chinese) God of travel
Dosojin (Buddhist, Japanese): guardian deities associated with roads and travelers
Hasamelis (Mesopotamian) God of travelers - he would make travelers invisible as a form of protection
Janus (Roman) God of travel
Jizo (Buddhist, Japanese): Bodhisattva specializing in helping travelers
Kunado-No-Kami (Shinto): Guardian of roads
Mercury (Roman, aka Hermes): God of roads and travel, wore shoes with winged heels
Min (Egyptian): God of travelers
Neptune: God of sea travel, drives a dophin-drawn sea craft
Odin (Norse): God of travel who rides and 8 legged steed and is often described wearing a traveling coat, a hat and carrying a walking stick
St. Christopher (Catholic): Patron saint of travelers

There are surely more travel gods and goddesses found with a bit more research. Find one that works for you, and is willing to work with you, and start those vacation plans!

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