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Magical bolete mushroom season is here

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According to an article dated August 11, by the Ponoco Record, the local newspaper for Ponoco, Pennsylvania, it is magical mushroom season! What they are talking about is Bolete Mushrooms. And yes it is bolete season in the US. If you are into mushroom collecting, August and September are the months to go looking for the species of mushrooms called Boletes. Usually, called the beginners group, boletes are very easy to learn, find, cook and eat! There are very very few poison look a likes for the bolete group, this is why it is advised that if you want to get into wild mushroom collecting, this is the group to start with. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from the red boletes, red stalk or top, no matter where, if it is red, it could be toxic.

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"In the spring we collect morels, in the summer, we collect boletes", said Stacy Seeley, with the Shikata Eco-Village and Homestead. "They are very good battered and fried, tasting even better than the store bought mushrooms." According to the Ponoco Record, if you locate a bolete that has a reddish tint to it the underside will display a secret magical message if you take a twig and write something on it. The underside of the red boletes will turn blue if it is damaged in any way, this is true. It also symbolizes that you have located the only bolete in the bolete family that you should not eat.

Although the boletes that turn blue when you handle/damage them are not really poisonous, they have been known to make a select people ill because of an allergic reaction to a certain chemical in them. Since there are so many boletes that are not red in color, you have next to nothing to be worried about when it comes to collection of the right ones. If you are searching for these edible mushrooms, look for the large hamburger buns in the woods. Boletes are very easy to spot, they can grow very large and can sometimes be quite small. The largest of the boletes is the well sought after King Bolete.

The Pocono Record states, "You should search for boletes in mixed oak/hardwood forests. They are commonly found along woodland paths and logging roads. The best time to search for boletes is usually after cool, rainy nights in late summer and early fall."

Disclaimer: The information in this article is intended for news purposes and no part of it is intended to be used exclusively as a guide to edible mushrooms. Please consort with a true mushroom expert before eating any wild mushroom.


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