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'Magic: The Gathering' rumor: 'Wrath of God' may be in 'FTV: Annihilation'

Official logo for "From the Vault: Annihilation"
Official logo for "From the Vault: Annihilation"
Wizards of the Coast

Twitter is a very interesting source for information. However, the social media hub is one of the most popular ways to communicate to other's who have the same interests as you.

Earlier today, April 27, the Twitter handle for sent out a tweet containing what may be the first image of a card in "From the Vault: Annihilation." That card is "Wrath of God." Click here for the original tweet which also contains the image in question.

There are some really interesting points about the image. The first things players will notice is that the card has used the new "Magic 2015" frame which is slated to come out this summer. Like all cards from the "From the Vault" series, it will also be mythic rare. This means it will include the new holographic sticker that cares will carry if they are rare or above. One of the last things players should notice about the card is the image they have used. For those of you who don't know what the original "Wrath of God" card looks like, you can click here. The new image depicts Heliod, God of the Sun (who is one of the Gods from Theros) smiting away all of this surrounding opponents. The image is quite captivating.

"From the Vault" is usually a limited 15 card set. There are also 15 Gods from the Theros block. With Heliod potentially being on one of the cards from "Annihilation," what are the chances of the rest of the Gods making an appearance? It would be quite the tribute to them.

"Wrath of God" has been in "Magic: The Gathering" since it was first printed in Alpha. It's last printing was in "Commander 2013," and the last time it was legal in Standard was "Tenth Edition."

What do you think? Is the image real or fake? "Wrath of God" is definitely one of those spells that makes sense for this special set. Hopefully there is a chance that this is real.

UPDATE: has verified that it is an official Wizards of the Coast preview.

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