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'Magic: The Gathering' party at PAX Prime spoils a few cards from Khans

The new charm also features a new template for the charms.
Wizards of the Coast

Today, August 30, the "Magic: The Gathering" party was held at PAX Prime. At the party, and like many parties before it, they took this opportunity to spoil some cards from the upcoming set - Khans of Tarkir. Some of the biggest information we got from the spoiled cards is that the mechanic "Delve" will be making a return. Players may remember "Delve" from the last time it was seen which was in the expansion "Future Sight." Additionally, some of the cards have been featuring a new template design. Check out the Sultai Charm below for a view of the new design.

Here is a small list of cards that were spoiled:

Khans of Tarkir is set to be another "wedge" set. The last time Magic experienced this was during the Shards of Alara block. However, instead of the tri-colored groupings being known as shards, they have been grouped into "clans." These clans are Abzan Houses (WBG), Jeskai Way (URW), Mardu Horde (RWB), Sultai Brood (BGU), and Temur Frontier (GUR).

A few other cards have been spoiled here and there, but the party over at PAX Prime marks that spoiler season is finally upon us. More cards are sure to be spoiled throughout the night. Stay tuned to Boston Game Examiner for more updated content about Khans of Tarkir.

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