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Magic: the Gathering Multiverse Racing

From the popular over the top Mario Kart series to the ultra realistic Forza Motorsport 4, the racing genre holds no bounds. If the cartoon Ben 10 can receive its own racing game, why can't Magic: the Gathering? Introducing Magic: the Gathering Multiverse Racing.

From Multiverse Racing
Wizards of the Coast
Goblin War Buggy art
Wizards of the Coast

In Multiverse Racing, players control the fastest vehicles ever seen on some of the most beautiful and deadly tracks included on any racer to date.

With large and diverse locations like Hinterland Harbor, Inkmoth Nexus, and Kessig Wolf Run and multiplayer support for up to 16 players, all hell will break loose as racers fight to the finish line.

Several swift rides to choose from include the Goblin War Buggy, Al-abara's Carpet, Black Carriage, and the famous Skyship Weatherlight.

Personalization doesn't stop there. Multiverse Racing provides a plethora of upgrade uptions. Examples include swapping in a Worn Powerstone to increase speed or adding a Star Compass to enhance handling.

Multiverse Racing introduces Urza's Hot Tub, a dynamic online social tool that features cross platform support. For the first time ever, players enjoy enhanced party video chat while playing utilizing the PlayStation Eye and Xbox 360 Kinect. You can compare race times, Planneswalker Points, and Magic Online Qualifier points with your friends in addition to competing in daily challenges.

With minigames such as Water Gun Balloon Game and Rock Paper Scissors, along with bonus content like a fully unlockable version of Shandalar, Multiverse Racing provides a wealth of content that will keep players coming back for more.

We've seen many Magic: the Gathering video games such as Magic: the Gathering Battlegrounds and Magic: the Gathering Tactics that use the Magic license liberally in order to introduce the brand to gamers from different genres. Multiverse Racing, or another video game that uses the Magic: the Gathering brand loosely really wouldn't be much of a surprise.

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