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Magic: The Gathering creator and Gary Games team up for SolForge digital TCG

Cards transform and level up after they have been played in SolForge
2012 Gary Games

There’s a new card game in town, and it’s called SolForge. Set to launch on iOS devices, this digital TCG is a collaboration of the minds that gave players Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer and the father of Magic: The Gathering himself, Richard Garfield. SolForge combines aspects of traditional card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Ascension to “forge” a fully digital TCG designed for mobile and online gaming platforms.

The resource system behind SolForge gameplay is simple yet seductive. Players draw five cards each turn, play two, and discard the rest. What’s the catch? The cards transform each time they are played over the course of the game, leading to vast strategic decisions with each turn and hand. Cards are shuffled back into the deck and then will have new powers, art, and abilities the next time they appear.

“Take for instance a dragon egg. The first time you play it, it’s not going to do anything. Next time it comes around it could be a dragon whelp, a little stronger but still not very impressive. But the next time it comes up it’s going to be a fully grown dragon, and that’s going to be considerably strong,” says Justin Gary, Gary Games founder and CEO.

SolForge will feature a single player campaign, PvP, and tournament modes. SolForge will be free-to-play, cards will be able to be unlocked through gameplay and also purchased in traditional booster pack form. Tournament options will include options that Magic: The Gathering players will be familiar with, including some form of booster draft and sealed deck play. The evolving story of the SolForge world will actually change and be determined by player actions in campaign mode.

“It’s going to be way cheaper than physical TCGs,” says Gary. “That’s one of the advantages of creating a purely digital game. We’re not sure exactly what the price points will be at yet, but they will be much cheaper than physical TCGs.”

There are plans to move SolForge to Android and PC platforms after the initial iOS release. A Kickstarter campaign has been established to that end, allowing $15 backers early access to the SolForge beta test, booster packs, a unique in-game Avatar. Other special rewards such as dinner with Gary Games and Richard Garfield are also available at higher tiers.

“I’ve been thinking about making an electronic trading card game for about 20 years, and the technology has only just now caught up. And I knew that Justin and Gary Games were the right team to make the game after I played and fell in love with Ascension,” says Garfield.

SolForge will be on display and playable at Gen Con Indy 2012 and PAX Prime 2012.

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