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'Magic: The Gathering' cards to receive new card frame in 'M15'

Waste Not from "M15"
Wizards of the Coast

Today Jan. 6, 2014 Aaron Forsythe announced in an article on that Wizards of the Coast is changing the card frame of "Magic: The Gathering" cards beginning with the "Magic 2015 Core Set," aka "M15." There are four key updates which were revealed on the two preview cards Waste Not and Wall of Fire: A new font, a holofoil stamp, updated collector info, and decreased border size.

"Magic: The Gathering" cards will have a slightly smaller border in "M15," making room for "slightly bigger art and text boxes." The card text used a new unique proprietary font called "Beleren," with both rares and mythic rares receiving a special holofoil stamp in the bottom center of the card on the edge of the text box and card frame.

The bottom left corner of each card will now also include text indicating each card's rarity, set, and language. Although players can discern rarity and set by a card's expansion symbol, this change makes cards "machine-readable by recognition software at our production plants" to "help eliminate the rare packaging error." Perhaps the most discerning change though is that the bottom of all cards will be black, with this information printed in white. Essentially, the colored borders around the bottom of every card have removed.

For several cards in "M15" there will also be a special designer credit. For example, Waste Not indicates that it was designed by the "Magic" community in lieu of traditional flavor text.

While it isn't mentioned in the article, there's no doubt the combination of changes will play a pivotal factor against counterfeit "Magic" cards moving forward.

How do you feel about the new look of "Magic: The Gathering" cards? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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