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Magic Submitter Review – Is it worth it for $65?

The Magic Submitter is the only way to make your website get a lot of traffic. People with new websites do not know the way to go to get people getting to their site. With Magic Submitter you are able to create accounts at all the services. Magic Submitter can serve any website it does not limit. Be it an article directory or a web 2.0 blog. The website submitter mixes with the third party CAPTCHA solving services like

The Website Marketing Submitter program looks at the way the account behaves, how it came about and the types that there is. Since the Magic Submitter has a Designer Mode, you can tailor the promotion software to do for you what you want. In case there is a site that attracts you, all you have to do is run the program through the account creation process and submission then it will automate immediately. The Magic Submitter facilitates the buying where one clicks on it then goes to the sales page to verify the pricing.

Other link building tools apart from Magic Submitter are SENUKE and Link Dozer. These two are also very popular. For the Magic Submitter to function well to an extent that it is voted as the best means of the designer that it has, it lets one add any site that he wants into the program. Even site has unbiased product reviews like Court Records Unlimited Search, Ultimate Font Download, Acne No More Program, My Mobile Money Page, Fat Loss factor Program, Paleo Recipe Program, PC Pandora and CB Engine review.

The basic features that Magic Submitter has are what make it be considered as the best. Apart from spinning content, titles and articles, it submits video sites, social bookmarking sites, photo sites, blogs, RSS feeds and Blogs. For one to begin using Magic Submitter, one should create a profile. After creating an impressive profile then create an email address. Choose the email that suits you then Magic Submitter create the account for you.

Magic Submitter opens up a submission window that shows up to three browser windows which gives you an update of what is happening. In case any user interaction is required then the window border changes to yellow or orange. Once accounts are created, Magic Submitter can manage to check all emails on this site automatically. After creating your account you can build your links. With Magic Submitter any article that has been spanned can be pasted on it.

Its designer capability makes Magic Submitter different from other link building programs. The designer view has a browser window on the left and a workflow editor on the right. Getting to the browser, you are able to select specific elements on a webpage and then add them as operations into the workflow. The additions can be added as click operations. All this process is simple only if one watches the training videos before doing anything. Magic Submitter is viewed to be better than other SENuke and LinkDozer because of its designer. Therefore if you were weighing the option, then Magic Submitter should be your choice and believe me, it is worth it for $67 / month.

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