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Magic Online to incorporate DCI numbers and add to player's Planeswalker Points

Planeswalker Points
Planeswalker Points
Wizards of the Coast

According to a post by Dar de Buitlear on the Facebook page Begging WotC to reconsider destroying worlds, Wizards of the Coast will allegedgly update Magic: the Gathering Online to incorporate DCI numbers and add to player's Planeswalker Points totals.

Planeswalker Points
Wizards of the Coast

Buitlear claims to have spoken with Magic: the Gathering R&D member Mark Rosewater, and in the coversation it was also mentioned that Cube drafting will also be in Magic Online's future, along with increased Phantom Events.

"Ok, so I met with Maro at worlds and spoke to him for about 20 minutes. I asked him a heap of questions about PWP's and about worlds announcement. Here is a summary of things
1) Wizards have admitted they were wrong on this one. They have taken dreams and hopes away from too many players. They cannot just insta revert this decision but they are working to fix things. Nationals should and quite lik...ely will lead to something bigger - this may not be in place for Nationals 2012 however.
2) They have a specialist team of people in Wizards assinged the job of fixing this situation.
3) The PWP will change. The core principles behind it are solid and will remain in place - but the overall system will be changing. They want a fair system that rewards the right things.
4) Online play will be linked to your DCI number and will add to your PWP's at some point in time. This is likely 18-24 months away
5) Mark is equally as upset as we are about the worlds announcement.
Also from head of branding for Magic Online:
6) Cube drafting will be coming to magic online next year
7) Phantom drafting will roll out on magic online to bring down the costs associated with online play. You pay 2 tickets and you get to draft, but you don't get to keep any of the cards you draft. There will be prize support for these drafts."

Although this information has not been verified by Wizards of the Coast, it is a logical move that brings both the paper and digital versions of Magic: the Gathering closer in unision.

Combining a player's Magic Online activity with that of their paper Magic: the Gathering tournament participation more accurately reflects the amount of Magic that one actually plays - making their Planeswalker Points level a much more precise reflection of a player's involvment in the game rather than an obfiscation.

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