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Magic Mouthpiece Does Wonders on the Court: NCAA Star

Murphy Burnatowski is using The New Age Performance Mouthpiece, a device which he calls a real game changer for him.
Murphy Burnatowski is using The New Age Performance Mouthpiece, a device which he calls a real game changer for him.
USA Today (2014)

By Paul Fitzgerald - Murphy Burnatowski is a hero in his own right on the court.

He is now using a new sport orthotic that he says will take his game to a whole new level. That’s right, he is going to be an even bigger hero, courtesy of new technology which directly links science with sport.

Burnatowski, who just graduated from Colgate University where he played for the Raiders Basketball Team (NCAA Division 1), is now set to rise in the world of professional basketball.

He was a star player with Colgate, an esteemed university located in Hamilton Village, Hamilton, New York, and now he is gearing up for his first season with Slask Wroclaw in Poland's first division Professional League. He started his NCAA career with Maine and played with Colgate the last two years.

So, while you may wonder how he makes some amazing moves on the court, eloquently shooting three-pointers with ease, take a closer look inside his mouth instead to discover how a new mouthpiece is changing his game for the better.

The Waterloo, ON, native is now using The New Age Performance Mouthpiece, and says it is doing wonders for his game.

“Most people think that the mouthpiece can just help you in the weight room, but for me it has done much more than that,” he says. “It greatly increases your balance and allows you to build the strength and power that can increase your speed and explosiveness on the court.”

The former Team Canada player who was just invited to a pre-draft workout with the Toronto Raptors, admits he was at first a little skeptical when hearing about the device simply because he had never seen or heard of anything like it.

“However, as soon as you start wearing it you can really notice the difference. Your flexibility and balance instantly improves which helped me with my overall training,” he says.

The New Age Performance Mouthpiece is based on the principals of neuromuscular dentistry.

The device is placed on the back of your lower teeth. Once it’s locked in, your jaw alignment is more structurally sound. Years of research has proven that when your jaw is properly aligned, your body is more able to reach its ultimate performance potential. Most of the population has a bite issue, affecting their jaw alignment, so this new technology is a breakthrough on many levels.

Rutgers University recently released a research paper on proper jaw alignment and concluded it has a definite positive impact on athletic performance.

Rob Charlton, Co-Owner of New Age Performance Inc., makers of The New Age Performance Mouthpiece, explains that there have been a lot of scientific studies on performance mouthpieces and jaw alignment dating back to the 1950's.

“Several research and scientific papers have clearly stated that when one’s bite is in the correct position, the alignment of your body is also affected in a positive way. Our new device, worn on the lower teeth, will allow everyone to experience immediate results with balance, increased strength and flexibility,” says Charlton.

Michael Hecktus, Head of Athlete Relations with New Age Performance Mouthpiece Inc., is elated to hear that Burnatowski is using the device during training and on the court.

“Murphy is an extremely talented basketball player and we are thrilled that our device is helping take his game to new heights,” says Hecktus. “All our athletes are noticing a real positive difference when using our mouthpiece and we know it will be a real hit in the world of professional basketball.”

Burnatowski says wearing the mouthpiece is easy to get used to and he doesn’t really notice that he's wearing it. Now, while wearing it in the gym and on the court, other athletes are curious as to why he is sporting a mouthpiece on his lower teeth.

“Some athletes are skeptical, but when I show them the gains I get when wearing it they are almost always convinced.”

He adds, “I would recommend this device to any elite level athlete trying to get a leg up on their competition.”

The New Age Performance Mouthpiece has just unveiled its upper device for athletes in contact sports.

The list of notables using the new device is impressive. They include: Andew “Cobra” Rhodes, star on AMC’s Game of Arms; Tony The X-Man Freeman, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder; Lee Banks IFBB Pro Bodybuilder; Alistair Overeem, MMA Heavy Weight Champion; David Otunga, American Professional Wrestler; Richard The Tiger Singh, Canada's Power-Lifter Record Holder; Jill Bunny, CBBF Figure Champion who owns Team Bunny: Fit Bunnies Fitness and was the only Canadian to place in the Top 5 for the Bikini Class F Competition at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival; and Peter Czerwinski, known as the popular ‘Furious Pete,’ who twice battled against anorexia and was hospitalized at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and recovered through bodybuilding.

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