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Magic Johnson corrects, rebukes and prays for Donald Sterling

According to HLN, Magic Johnson fired back at Donald Sterling for his insulting comments on Tuesday. NBA great, Los Angeles Dogers and Los Angeles Sparks owner, wants Donald Sterling to know that no one wants him as the Clippers owner and that Sterling is delusional if he thinks they do.

NBA Legend, Magic Johnson fires back at Donald Sterling with prayers and corrections.
Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Ever since Sterling's racist remarks were made public, many major celebrities have spoken out against him, including Johnson. In a round-n-round series of comments, Magic placed comments on record stating that the Clippers' owner needs to leave the NBA and sell the team. Following those comments, Sterling made insulting comments about Magic, stating that he is not a good role model for black people because he was a womanizer.

Anderson Cooper held the most recent interview with Magic, and he made corrections to the misinformed and insulting comments from Sterling. Magic said that he would pray for Sterling. Johnson is a Christian and gave counsel to Sterling suggesting that he apologize to fans and himself.

During the interview with Cooper, he (Cooper) pointed out the many ways that Magic has served the black population. Magic is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He founded Magic Johnson Enterprises and Magic Johnson Foundation, of which he provides employment and scholarships to the community, and has made investments in the Michigan economy. Cooper also pointed out that Johnson is HIV positive (does not have AIDS).

Donald Sterling is 80-years-old, and is extremely wealthy. Johnson's advice is for Sterling to live out the rest of his life in peace, and basically, go away. Seems that at the rate Sterling is going, he will fight tooth and nail to make his voice heard. By the way, Sterling did apologize. It is yet to be seen whether that apology is sincere.

Did you know this? Donald Sterling said that he prayed for Johnson back when he made the announcement of being HIV positive.

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