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Magic Hat Brewing Company is coming to Lafayette

Magic Hat Brewing Company is located in South Burlington, Vermont.
Magic Hat Brewing Company is located in South Burlington, Vermont.

After talking to several brand managers and other employees of Crescent Crown Distributing Company out of Lafayette, the next big offering on the horizon is a line of beers from a Vermont brewery called Magic Hat Brewing Company.  Being an avid beer enthusiast, I've heard of and read about Magic Hat's beers for years.  I'm excited about the news to say the least.  They offer 4 year-round beers, 4 seasonal brews, and one-off batches which depend on the brewer's whims. 

Year-Round Beers from Magic Hat Brewing Company:

  • #9 — Not Quite Pale Ale
    A beer cloaked in secrecy. An ale whose mysterious and unusual palate will swirl across your tongue and ask more questions than it answers. A sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not-quite pale ale. #9 is really impossible to describe because there's never been anything else quite like it.

    * TYPE: Not Quite Pale Ale
    * YEAST: English Ale
    * HOPS: Cascade, Apollo
    * MALTS: Pale, Crystal
    * ABV: 5.1
    * GRAVITY: 11.20 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 20
    * SRM: 9.0

  • Circus Boy — THE Hefeweizen
    Unfiltered and unfettered, Circus Boy is a unique and refreshing American-style Hefeweizen. Is he a who? Or a what? Or perhaps some of both? Be amazed by the flavorful haze of this wonderful wheat beer.

    * TYPE: THE Hefeweizen
    * YEAST: American Hefeweizen
    * HOPS: Amarillo
    * MALTS: Malted Wheat, Pale
    * ABV: 4.5
    * GRAVITY: 11.20 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 14
    * SRM: 6.0

  • Lucky Kat — Beer Kitty, Kitty....
    Lucky Kat purrs as he pours with a grin on his mangy face and a grin in his searching eye. He sits on the fence he calls home, dividing up from down. Is he an imperial beast or a pale soul from the east? Only he knows and we know only this: if you reach out to pet him he'll bite back with a big, hoppy kiss.

    * TYPE: Irresistible Pale Ale
    * YEAST: English Ale
    * HOPS: Amarillo, Crystal
    * MALTS: Pale, Munich, Crystal, Cara
    * ABV: 5.8
    * GRAVITY: 14.20 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 60
    * SRM: 19.0

  • Single Chair Ale — A Commemmorative Brew
    Single Chair celebrating the uniqueness of the Mad River Glen Cooperative Ski Area in Vermont. Medium bodied and ideally balanced for all tastes, Single Chair Ale's tempting light golden color, heady aroma and smooth liquid go down effortlessly and often!

    * TYPE: Golden Ale
    * YEAST: English Ale
    * HOPS: Hallertau, Apollo
    * MALTS: Pale
    * ABV: 5.0
    * GRAVITY: 11.50 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 17
    * SRM: 3.5

Seasonal Beers from Magic Hat Brewing Company include:

  • Wacko — The Liquid Song of Summer
    Wacko is the liquid song of summer: Crisp like the morning, cool like the evening and quenching all day long. Pop the top and set your summer loose. Wacko is a delicious summer beer with a big malty aroma, a subdued hop bite and a clean, slightly sweet finish. Visit Wacko.

    * TYPE: Summer Beer
    * YEAST: English Ale
    * HOPS: Apollo
    * MALTS: Pale
    * ABV: 4.5
    * GRAVITY: 11.00 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 15
    * SRM: 4.7

  • Howl — Black-As-Night Winter Lager
    Born of dark and cold and snow in the marrow of the northeast's longest night, HOWL comes in on wailing winds with winter-weary eyes burning holes in sunless shadows. In its darkened depths out inner voids are warmed. Visit Howl

    * TYPE: Black Lager
    * YEAST: Lager Yeast
    * HOPS: Apollo, Hallertau
    * MALTS: Pale, Crystal, Carafa
    * ABV: 4.6
    * GRAVITY: 12.00 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 32
    * SRM: 65.0

  • Roxy Rolles — Amber ode to the open road.
    As the leaves line the trees with colors bright, the Autumnal Amber Ramble comes into sight! Roxy Rolles pours in her wake foliage fallen and a perfect pairing of malt and hops.

    * TYPE: Amber Ale
    * YEAST: English Ale
    * HOPS: Brewer's Gold, Simcoe
    * MALTS: Pale, Crystal, Caramunich
    * ABV: 5.1
    * GRAVITY: 14.50 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 40
    * SRM: 33.0

  • Vinyl — Scrumptious Spring Lager
    Vinyl sails in on her shining wings as the spinning sun returns. She is the season-shifter, bursting from her cocoon to sing the ancient song of vernal yearning and to summon spring's sweet green return... Her metamorphosis becomes our own. Her thirsts are shared by all. Drink in her mysterious elixir as the revolution blooms again... Visit Vinyl!

    * TYPE: Amber Lager
    * YEAST: Lager
    * HOPS: Northern Brewer
    * MALTS: Pale, Crystal, Munich, Victory
    * ABV: 5.1
    * GRAVITY: 12.00 Plato
    * BITTERNESS: 16
    * SRM: 12.0

Check out their website, designed to look like a throw-back to the 60's with peace signs and flower power everywhere.  One cool feature of the website is a section on cooking with Magic Hat beers.  Try it, you may be surprised at how good a meal can taste when the proper beer is used as a main ingredient, and then drank with the meal to complement the flavors. I for one am looking forward to the new beers.  Ask about them at your favorite fine beer store in Lafayette (coming soon).  I'll be sure to post another article when they arrive and who knows, maybe someone will have a big tasting party to commemorate the event.

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