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Magic in a memory?


James Herbert Book

Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered.                              -W.H. Auden (1907-1973)

When I think of the hundreds of books I read in a year; thousands over the years, very few of the stories stick in my mind. Even fewer titles and authors are retained in my brain. I'd like to reminisce today about a book I read a couple years ago. The Magic Cottage.

I have been writing a lot lately around the word magic. This book in particular does not fall into the same category as my previous fantasy references. It is an old fashion ghost story. Written by english author James Herbert, a bestselling horror novelist, although he has written many other books, it is not his name I remember most, but his book The Magic Cottage.

This is a simple, but riveting story of a young couple who having grown weary of the rat race, move into an old cottage in a small countryside community. This story is full of mysticism, strange cults, and of course, magic! This small cottage home has eclectic tastes and preferences, as the young couple quickly discover. As the story progresses, some interesting twists that of which are least expected crop into the heart of the story, including a twisted strange family/cult living in the next house over, who wants to harness the powers in the cottage for their own uses!

In researching the author, I have only been able to find an unauthorized fan site dedicated to this particular book, however, plenty can be found elsewhere on the web. I would like to include here a short gathering of some of my favorite book websites. (Great for purchasing used books at an awesome price! Also great for those expensive college textbooks)  (No need to purchase a book! Trade with other like minds!) (For new and upcoming book news) (One of my favorite new and used bookstores, an Icon of the area) (One of my previous articles with series book list)