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Magic 2015 spoilers: Grim black mass removal from MTGSalvation rumor source

Plague Wind reference, noxious cloud behind him... more like On Garruk's Taco Night.
Plague Wind reference, noxious cloud behind him... more like On Garruk's Taco Night.

One of the big surprises that's been hinted at in the teasers for Magic 2015 is the presence of six planeswalkers - one for each mono-color as usual plus Garruk, who appears to be black-green this time around, still fighting the Chain Veil curse. Well, a rare black sorcery related to Garruk spoiled by Rumor Mill user carminefx seems to confirm that color combination.

In Garruk's Wake 7BB

Sorcery (Rare)

Destroy all creatures you don't control and all planeswalkers you don't control.

Beyond pain, beyond obsession and wild despair, there lies a place of twisted power only the most tormented souls can reach.

Core sets seem to be the place for huge spells - especially huge mass destruction ones - like this; In Garruk's Wake is sort of like the Worldfire of this year. It is, oddly enough, rare and not mythic; spells of this scale that have to do with an epic deed of a planeswalker usually are mythic, of course. Effect-wise it's largely an improvement over Plague Wind, otherwise known as the only member of the Prophecy Winds of Keld cycle that has ever seen any serious play or success. The addition of planeswalker destruction is a flavor home run - Garruk is killing everything that gets in his way, especially other planeswalkers, at this point in the story - and also makes it even more despair-causing for your opponents, as there's no hope of their planeswalkers holding down the fort with their defensive abilities until they can cast new creatures.

What do you think of this latest black board wipe? Let me know in the comments.

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