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Magic 2015 prerelease details uncovered: Garrukamania!

He's gone black, and intends to go back, no matter who has to die.

It may be easy to forget about core sets in a rumor season like this one, with a set announcement due this weekend and all, but Magic 2015 is also coming out sooner than we think and it promises big things for none other than Lorwyn Five member and cursed summoner Garruk. Rumor Mill user matrix_lord has reported details on the set prerelease.

It's not much, but as it seems, we will be getting another set of 5 Prerelease packs with the promotional cards included inside.
There will be a special activity related to Garruk.

Regarding DOTP 2015 - This time we'll get two different Promos (2 Special booster packs). One for those who download on Xbox Live Arcade and one for Steam/Ipad/Android/Kindle.

Each Prerelease Pack will include the following:
5 Magic 2015 Core Set Booster Packs
1 Magic 2015 Core Set Seeded Booster Pack
1 premium promo card
1 activity insert
1 Spindown life counter
1 oversized Garruk Challenge Card
3 Wolf tokens

The nature of the Garruk activity is yet unknown, but it seems unlikely to be anything quite so involved as a Challenge Deck, and will more likely be a puzzle. The Wolf tokens - presumably green 2/2s - are of note, and probably somehow relate to the new Garruk card's abilities. The promo booster packs for Duels of the Planeswalkers downloads are a welcome return from last year.

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