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Magic 2015 fully spoiled

The previews for the latest core set, Magic 2015, have been nothing short of a long, strange trip. Every core set has its controversies - usually about some rules change substantive or otherwise - but things like frame and font changes don't happen very often. Magic 2015 is bringing a new look to Magic, and some new concepts like outside designer cards besides. There's promise for the future in it, and now the Magic 2015 card image gallery is fully updated on the mothership.

Having seen the whole thing, I can absolutely repeat my assessment that this is the most interesting core set I've ever seen. Besides the aforementioned conceptual innovations, there are some pretty cool individual cards as well. Let's talk about new templating ("base power and toughness"; "doesn't remove Auras"), as well as where-else-could-you-find-this flavor like the Plant Elemental Beast, the blue and green Horrors, and the Equipment that's a kitchen safety violation, and the niche subthemes like Walls and... blue-red artifacts and white-black lifegain. This is the first core set that has ever really pushed enemy multicolor - which might be a sop to Tarkir block.

Speaking of, there's a red card from a place called Altac that might be our first glimpse of the Tarkir setting. And not only is the returning mechanic used in all colors, if primarily in white, black, and green, the previous year's mechanic, Slivers, got very healthy support this core set too, an unprecedented move.

Check it out yourself. Core sets are, for me, always about the little, eccentric, Limited-trash cards, and this one has the best of those in recent memory. I'm already excited for Magic 2016 if it's only getting stranger from here on out.

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