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'Magic 2015' crack a pack (airplane edition)

Magic: The Gathering Examiner David Leavitt cracks a pack of Magic 2015 on an airplane back to Boston, Mass. from Anchorage, Ala.

"Magic 2015" booster pack
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

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You can watch the attached video and read results here for yourself:

  • Sungrace Pegasus
  • Peel from Reality
  • Thundering Giant
  • Hunt the Weak
  • Zof Shade
  • Selfless Cathar
  • Chronostutter
  • Rummaging Goblin
  • Bronze Sable
  • Oreskos Swiftclaw
  • Heat Ray
  • Reclamation Sage
  • Battle Mastery
  • Master of Predicaments

Removal is pivotal in limited, and Heat Ray certainly stands out. Hunt the Weak serves as a conditional removal card, provided you have the right targets for it to work. To a lesser extent, Peel from Reality can serve as a soft tempo boost allowing you to "block" two creatures.

Rummaging Goblin can become a massive card advantage engine the longer a game progresses. As we've noted before, this card is fairly often overlooked allowing you to pick it up mid to late draft.

Battle Mastery is cheap, can be searched for, and transform one of your creatures into a notable threat. You also run the chance of being on the end of a two-for-one, which can make this pick a bit less attractive.

Choosing Zof Shade is a subpar pick, however it'd send a signal if you wanted to force black. Given other options in the pack though, this isn't the best idea.

Our pick though would undoubtedly be the pack's rare, Master of Predicaments. In leu, we'd take Heat Ray

Do you agree with our choices? Which card would you first pick? Please let us know in the comments, and feel free to reach out to us via social media.

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