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Magic 2015 Clash Pack and Intro Deck decklists discovered

More like Defender 2015, amirite?
More like Defender 2015, amirite?

Like any regular set, Magic 2015 has a range of products its cards are available in, including Intro Decks and the new Clash Packs. Little was known about the latter product, but now, thanks to links on the Mothership accidentally being made public, we have seen previously hidden lists for the Clash Packs (green-blue Fate versus red-green Fury, meant to be combined into a blue-red-green deck when not being used to battle one another) and the Intro Packs (white-black Price of Glory, green-blue Hit the Ground Running, black-red Infernal Intervention, blue-red Dragon's Hoard, and green-white Will of the Masses). The themes of the latter seem to respectively be life, tempo/bounce, suicide aggro, artifacts, and convoke/creature swarms.

Thanks to these lists, the following cards are known to be reprints in Magic 2015:

Wall of Essence
Child of Night
Accursed Spirit
Solemn Offering
Mass Calcify
Illusory Angel
Peel from Reality
Turn to Frog
Torch Fiend
Gargoyle Sentinel
Clear a Path
Stab Wound
Caustic Tar
Heat Ray
Bronze Sable
Wall of Frost
Hoarding Dragon
Darksteel Citadel
Shrapnel Blast
Selfless Cathar
Wall of Mulch
Siege Wurm
Hornet Queen
Gather Courage
Raise the Alarm
Devouring Light

Based on this all, we know a couple of things: First, R&D is willing to reprint artifact lands in a regular product outside an artifact-themed block; and second, there is a fairly prominent Wall theme in Magic 2015.

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