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Magic 2015 basic lands leaked

So far, the most controversial aspect of Magic 2015 is the change, for the second (lasting) time in Magic's history, in card borders. We know what that change is going to do to both lower and higher rarity cards, but not to what extent basic lands would look different. Until now, that is, with the socialmtg Tumblr account having uncovered all twenty Magic 2015 basic lands.

Home of the Least Loved Landwalkers

The new font is clearly visible in the print of these, even if the photos are somewhat blurry, but, notably, the new borders don't seem to actually change the look of basic lands much at all. The artist credit, copyright, and collector's numbers are in a different color arrangement, of course, and the borders do "fold in" at the bottom, but since basic lands are textless, there isn't any odd, apparent text box cropping to distract the eye.

The art pieces themselves are quite choice as well, with even the Plains looking varied from one another.

All in all, these serve as something of an object lesson that the visual experience of playing Magic isn't going to be changed all that much by the Magic 2015 borders.

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