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Maggie Jessup's sexiest non-fiction book Fame 101

"Sexiest non-fiction book for 2010. Real power and precisely how to get it."
Interview Platform Magazine

Publicist and marketing specialist Maggie Jessup has created Alpha Celebrities in every field using her pioneering "Fame Formula" to catapult her clients into the top one percent of their professions.

Maggie will share the top notes of her coveted strategies, carefully crafted and used by entertainment industry notables, celebrity lawyers, winning politicians and others.

After studying, her hugely popular book, Fame 101, you will be equipped to rise above the clutter and soar to the next level ... it all starts with developing your personal brand ...

Meet Maggie and learn more at the following local events.

February 15 - Village Books book signing, 1049 Swarthmore Avenue, Pacific Palisades, CA, at 7:30pm
February 17 - Salon Forum speaker, 16563 Park Lane Circle, Los Angeles, CA, at 6:30pm
February 21 - Barnes & Noble book signing, 16461 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA, at 12noon

Stay tuned for my one-on-one interview with Maggie. We will talk about the various strategies you need to know that will thrust you into the "alpha" level.

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