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Maggiano's Little Italy closing its Minnesota location

Maggiano's Little Italy
Maggiano's Little Italy

I am very disappointed with the news I have to share today as it pertains to one of my favorite restaurant chains. Unfortunately, Maggiano’s Little Italy announced Monday it will be closing it's Edina location in Southdale Center on Monday, Jan. 25.

Brinker International, the parent company of Maggiano’s say it decided not to renew its lease because of poor sales.

In a written statement, the company said "We are grateful to the loyal guests who have visited this location over the years and the support that has helped strengthen the Maggiano’s Little Italy brand."

The Maggiano's Little Italy in Edina opened in October 2004. It does not have any other Minnesota locations.

I don't really have anything to say about this other than it totally sucks and that is my professional Examiner opinion!

Long live the Taylor Street Baked Ziti!


  • Harris 5 years ago

    Please tell me you aren't serious. Maggiano's, like Buca, is a phony Italian restaurant with mediocre food and service and is overpriced. Why anyone would go there when there are real Italian
    restaurants within 10 minutes is beyond me. Add Olive Garden and Mararoni Grill to the list of places to avoid. Yuk. I will not be one who is mourning its passing.

  • James 5 years ago

    Hey Harris, some people might have an opinion that differs from yours, which actually does NOT make them wrong. How about YOU just don't go where you don't like.

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