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Magellan comes to Fort Myers Beach

Nao Victoria
Nao Victoria
photobucket by gedeplus under open use agreement

About this time last year, replicas of Columbus’ ships the Nina and the Pinta visited Downtown Fort Myers. Not to be outdone, Fort Myers Beach will be hosting a replica of Magellan’s Nao Victoria, the first ship to circumnavigate the globe. The Victoria will be docked in Estero Bay alongside Nervous Nelly’s restaurant from February 13, 2014, through March 17th. For a modest admission fee, you and your family will be able to board the Nao Victoria and imagine being a part of this world-changing event. It’s also a great hands-on history lesson for the whole family.

The Victoria will be open to visitors between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day during its stay in Fort Myers Beach. There are several ticket options to fit your schedule and budget.

Express Line VIP tickets are good for no waiting access only during a three-hour window on the day they are purchased for. Complimentary use of an audio guide headset is also included. If you miss your reservation window, access with no waiting to the Nao Victoria is not guaranteed.

General admission tickets are good for access at any time on the day they are purchased for. This includes boarding of the Nao Victoria through the standard boarding line. Lines are expected, especially on weekends.

Regardless of which ticket plan you choose, there is a substantial discount if you purchase your tickets online instead of on the dock. The admission ticket prices are as follows;

Express Line VIP Admission

(Day & Time Specific)

At-the-Dock Pricing

Adult (13 & over): $18.00

Child (ages 6-12): $12.00

Advance Online Pricing

Adult (13 & over): $15.50

Child (ages 6-12): $10.50

General Admission

(Day Specific)

At-the-Dock Pricing

Adult (13 & over): $12.00

Child (ages 6-12): $9.00

Advance Online Pricing

Adult (13 & over): $10.50

Child (ages 6-12): $7.50

The Nao Victoria exhibition will be at the dock beside Nervous Nellie's Crazy Waterfront Eatery, located at 1131 First Street, Fort Myers Beach in the historic Baywalk district under the Matanzas Pass Bridge.

Wikipedia provides the following description of the Nao Victoria: ”the ship was built at a shipyard in Gipuzkoa, with the Basques being reputed shipbuilders at the time, and along with the four other ships, it was given to Magellan by King Charles I of Spain. The long circumnavigation began in Spain in 1519 and returned early September 1522 after traveling 42,000 miles, 22,000 miles of which much was unknown to the crew. On December 21, 1521, Victoria sailed on alone because the other ships left the convoy due to lack of food/water rations. The ship was in terrible shape, with her sails torn and only kept afloat by continuous pumping of water. Victoria managed to pull through and return to Spain with a shipload of spices.”

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