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Magazine photos not to be trusted

Lucky Magazine Jan 2009

There’s something about bringing home a magazine with my groceries that reminds me of my single, pre-kid, almost zero responsibility days. They’re my Calgon, if you will. A little fashion in the bag next to the diapers never hurt anybody!

I recently picked up this January 2009 issue of Lucky for the simple fact that I loved Rosario Dawson’s makeup on the cover. I’m sure you all have used the same scientific deductive reasoning when choosing your mag de jour. When I arrived home, I thumbed through to get to the “on our cover” section where they are supposed to tell you the products used. Why? Why? Why must they lie to me?! (Can you see me shaking the magazine towards the sky right now? Good.) There is NO WAY that she is wearing the makeup they say she is. All Maybelline products. Yeah, right. It has nothing to do with the Lucky Mag/Maybelline sweepstakes that is coincidentally being advertised on the very same page? When the focus is so obviously her eyes – why isn’t there a mention of a shadow used? And her lips - Maybelline New York Shine Seduction Lipcolor in Beaming Berry. Does that look like a berry color? Ugh. I’ve seen this calamity a thousand times, with every magazine, and I still fell for it. Silly me. Bottom line: Use the pictures for inspiration, but don’t purchase the products they have listed until you compare them at the store.

Here’s a rundown of products that I would use to recreate her look: Tightline all the way around your eye with some black gel liner like Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink. Smudge the liner a bit with some gray shadow like Bobbi Brown’s Smoke eyeshadow. Take it up a notch with a touch of shimmery eggplant like Urban Decay’s Crash Eyeshadow and blend it up to the crease. Top it with your fave mascara. Lorac’s Plum Blush for the cheeks. You’d get a similar lip color with Pixi’s Rose Lip Treat in No 2. Lip Rose. Feel free to email me if you need a picture deconstructed!

For more info: and click on the links in the article to see the products suggested.


  • Shell 6 years ago

    I confess!! I bought Beaming Berry!! It's pretty but really more for summer and NOT winter. But I will look for the Pixi shade next time I'm at Target. Thanks for the tip!