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Mafia on our roads

Coming Soon to a Street Near You
Coming Soon to a Street Near You

As we prepare to change seasons from construction to winter, it was a real revelation to find out that the mafia is involved in roadwork. The Globe and Mail reported that up to eighty percent of projects may be inflated by thirty five percent in price. In Montreal? As Captain Renault from Casablanca said, "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here."

I was only eleven back in '76 when the Olympic Stadium was built to astronomical cost overruns that were attributed to, drum roll please, the mafia. Thirty-some-odd years later and we're suddenly surprised to find that our province's endemic corruption has permeated even deeper. This week's culmination was the arrest of ten from a broad swath of industries including a union representative, a real estate agent, and, what were the odds, some bikers.

The big questions on my mind are can this ever change, and if so, how can we possibly effect such change? Politicians like our recently reelected mayor Gerald Tremblay came back into office claiming, "citizens want change and we embody this change." My feeling is that if he'd actually done his job in his previous two terms, we wouldn't be forced to endure yet another round of ridiculous platitudes.

Ideas? Anyone?