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Madrid restaurants offer modern cuisine at great prices

Checking out Madrid's modern cuisine
Checking out Madrid's modern cuisine

Much has been written on Madrid's tapas bars (Catavino, The Expeditioner and Tripadvisor) and historic taverns (Beatriz Cebas). Others have focused on traditional Spanish dishes, or the rich diversity of cuisine that is offered at many restaurants throughout the city. What this article will focus on is what modern cuisine looks like in today's Madrid. Michelin describes today's Madrid cuisine as a contrast between the cooking pot and the syringe. It was so exciting to discover what modern cuisine looks like in today's Madrid.

We were most fortunate to be able to explore Madrid's dining scene during recent visits. In October we did a few quick stopovers in Madrid where we got to know mostly the airport. We did however, discovered some of the local culinary hospitality in the Barajas area. Then in November we spent a week in central Madrid. In early January we returned again to central Madrid. These series of visits gave us enough time to discover some of Madrid’s modern cuisine.

Our November visit was definitely a time for new culinary discoveries. Our venturing out the first evening was an absolute dining disaster. There was another not so great experience as well. Then we just happened to find Public Restaurant, a small restaurant with great food and wine. After that the research skills started to kick in and we discovered a few more places where we enjoyed dining.

Discovering Madrid's modern cuisine

Our introduction to the modern cuisine scene happened when we accidentally stumbled onto Public (Calle de Desengaño, 11). We were so delighted that we began a search for similar restaurants. This led us to La Gloria De Montera (Caballero De Gracia, 10) where we dined once in November. When we returned to La Gloria De Montera in January guests dining next to us asked if we had tried other restaurants in the group. When they named the restaurants we remembered Public. The restaurants in the group include Bazaar, Ginger, La Finca De Susana, La Gloria De Montera and Public. During the remainder of our stay we did manage to fit in a visit to Bazaar (Calle De Libertad, 21). Our next visit would obviously include La Finca De Susana (Calle De Arlabán, 4). Our lunch visits to these restaurants included, at least one of us ordering the menu of the day. The wine list at each restaurant was good. The presentation and quality of food was good. The overall quality of the service was generally good. At a cost of 10.35 Euros you cannot beat this deal for a three-course quality lunch in such beautiful settings.

Now a few highlights from our lunches at three of the above Restaurants:

  1. Public Restaurant, Calle de Desengaño, 11

Wine choice was a Ribera Del Duero, Vega Real, Roble 2012.

First courses were salads (Ensalada Verde).

The second courses included: Pesto Pasta and Vegetarian Plate.

Dessert selections were: Flan and Cake Slice with sauce and cream.

  1. Gloria De Montera Restaurante, Caballero De Gracia, 10

Wines choices were Rioja, Soto De Torres, Ibéricos Crianza 2010 and Ribera Del Duero, Prado Rey, Roble 2010.

First courses were Seafood Soup (Sopa del Mar) and Vegetable Salad (Ensalada de Legumes).

Second courses included: Octopus and Vegetarian Lasagna.

Dessert selections were: Chocolate Cake, Cake Slice with two sauces (vanilla and chocolate).

  1. Bazaar Restaurant, Calle De Libertad, 21

Wine choice was a Rioja, Consejo De La Alta, Cosecha 2010.

First courses were Corn Soup and salad (Ensalada Verde).

Second courses included: Burger and Risotto.

Dessert selection was: Crepe with Chocolate and Ice Cream.

Our culinary outings in Madrid gave us a glimpse into what modern cuisine looks like. We discovered that not only does Madrid restaurants offer modern cuisine but also it does so at great prices. Madrid has so many good restaurants with quality Spanish wine available to sample. Schiller Wine commenting on Worlds 50 Best Restaurants notes that in even in financially difficult times Spain has seven restaurants on the list. Based on our culinary explorations in Spain this is not surprising. I invite you to join me in my travels in Spain and elsewhere in search of the best in Spaswinefood. You may also visit my travel column at the Examiner.

© Sharon Parsons

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