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Madonna's arms are old news: Move on already

Madonna in Spain
Here's a picture of Madonna during her 'Sticky
and Sweet' tour in Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday, July 21, 2009.
Her arms look fine.  Now can we stop feeding the frenzy
that appears to be an annual July attack? 
(AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

The tabloids are all a-gog about photos of Madonna's arms...TMZ, People, and Daily Mail.

But a quick look at Mail Online in July, 2007 (note that date - two years ago), and again in July, 2008, shows that this seems to be the standard July-attack-on-Madonna:  her arms are all icky and veiny.

(Her new trainer Tracy Anderson  even addressed this issue earlier this year.)

Lest you think the dates on the above two articles are false, and the stories were somehow placed AFTER the recent news came out,  here is a story that was written July 4 that points to one of the above articles.

So it appears that this is just the annual July "let's talk about Madonna's arms."  Isn't it time to move on?

If this history is wrong, please, oh please, feel free to write.  This is written in the spirit of fairness and accuracy, and if it neither, now's the time to set the record straight.

(And if, by chance, your fear is that by doing arm exercises your arms will go from lovely round to ugly sinew, it's unlikely.  It's much more likely your arms will go flabby and unattractive due to under-use.  Here is a nice 10-minute arm workout you can begin.)



  • jennifer 5 years ago

    ya, and did you notice in the photo that her hair was shorter, and they said she was in London? That's an OLD picture! Probably just got out of the gym anyway- that's why the arms are looking top notch! She's awesome anyway you look at her! enough all you haters!

  • john f 5 years ago

    Excellent article. I'm sure her arms don't look great but it is obvious they are photoshopped by the tabloids in order to make them look worse. It's pretty sad how low the tabs will go and it's even more sad that we believe them.

  • a guy 5 years ago

    Her arms look +horrible+. This just shows how becoming addicted to working out can make people lose touch with reality. And how exactly does the fact that this has been a story 2 years ago change anything? Photoshopped? There are like several different pictures in different publications.. are you saying this is some huge conspiracy?

  • Kathy 5 years ago

    I don't think she's addicted to working out (implying a lack of control) -- look at her gorgeous legs and flat stomach. She's always been a health enthusiast, but she's not overdoing it. I agree that sometimes the photos are her arms look a little extreme, but when you look at all of her, she looks fabulous.

  • Conrad 5 years ago

    you know what -she's a rock' lady to all of us "oldsters" and I can't believe how all those writers were so quick to believe this was a current story. thanks!