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Madonna not humored and criticized over young son with liquor bottle

Madonna is known for her elaborate costume and unbelievable singing voice. What many may not realize is that since her son’s birth she is a mother first with morals and a loving strictness that isn’t over the top.

No one is condoning underage drinking!
Madonna Instagram

Critics spotted a photo that was posted on Instagram on Jan. 5 of Madonna’s son Rocco Ritchie and his two friends holding bottles of alcohol. According to a news report on Jan. 6 by the NY Daily News the thirteen year old teenager and his young pals were just holding the unopened bottles. They may have thought it cute but fans around the globe are thinking this quite controversial to say the least.

Madonna is not a drinker. She may have a drink once in a while but that is so rare it is hard to count. The fact that her son has never drank alcohol before and that she doesn’t condone under-age drinking doesn’t seem to be enough for the public’s eye. All they see is a possible issue in the future for the young lad.

The photo of the boys was taken in the Swiss Alps where the legal drinking age is sixteen which is a lot younger than the legal age in the United States. Madonna wouldn’t allow her son to drink at such a young age and those who are making a big stink about it should give her some credit before accusing her of being unjust and endangering her child.

There are many youngsters who have posed for photos with cigarettes while being underage, dress too sexy for their years and post photos of themselves on many media venues and no one is blamed for setting a bad example. Just because this family is in the limelight doesn’t mean the same values everyone else holds dear aren’t being practiced by them either.

Madonna is a fanatic about fitness and that includes the fact that alcohol isn’t something she herself indulges in. There is a saying that “boys will be boys” and it also applies to girls too. Youngsters like to express themselves and sometimes the manner they do it isn’t what most people consider proper. It isn’t a direct infliction upon parenting, kids sometimes do the dandiest things to get attention and only just for fun.

If you don’t know all the facts surrounding a single photograph you should judge the book by its cover. In this case don’t judge Madonna for a silly prank by teenagers who weren’t doing any drinking, not breaking the law and just wanted to post a get a public reaction from their friends by using bad judgment in their idea of props for their photo.

With all the issues a celebrity child could face growing up Madonna is lucky to have a son who follows the rules about drinking but more so, those his mother has instilled into him all these years. There are so many more serious problems teenagers could face with a celebrity family than just holding a sealed bottle.

Madonna you are right to feel upset about being criticized – you have done a great job raising your son!

Why do people always jump to the worst conclusions before getting all the facts?

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