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Miley Cyrus and Madonna grind it up in a hoedown circus on 'MTV Unplugged'

Madonna joined Miley Cyrus to perform a mash-up of two of their hit songs in Cyrus' "MTV Unplugged" special on Wednesday.
Madonna joined Miley Cyrus to perform a mash-up of two of their hit songs in Cyrus' "MTV Unplugged" special on Wednesday.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Madonna joined Miley Cyrus on stage Wednesday night for the last song in the pop star’s "MTV Unplugged" special, in what appeared to be a hoedown/circus event. Miley spanked Mo, and the two enjoyed a sensual moment as viewers found themselves part of awkward TV history.

That awkward moment between Miley Cyrus and Madonna that will never go away.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV Unplugged

The one-hour performance, taped at the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, opened with Miley Cyrus dressed in a studded picnic tablecloth, (red and white gingham jumpsuit), and bad wig set against a Country Western theme with small dancing people donned in pointed bras. Throw in hints of bestiality as Billy Ray’s daughter twerked and fondled a mock horse, and you can be sure you are at a Miley Cyrus concert.

Sticking to her roots, Miley’s next costume was more of what Cyrus fans have become accustomed to, as the 21-year-old took the stage in a bikini bra that bared her midriff topped of with a cowboy hat. It was at this juncture in the “MTV Unpluged” performance that Miley teased the audience with her backside and referenced her twerking tragedy with Robin Thicke. The singer noted it was "bad or good", depending on one’s perspective. It definitely earned her notoriety.

Miley’s “MTV Unplugged” special was highly promoted leading up to Wednesday night’s premiere, and Madonna’s name was dropped repeatedly to help push the special. However, Madge didn’t appear until the last five minutes when the duo sang a “Don’t Tell Me/We Can’t Stop” mash-up, complete with awkward grinding and inappropriate sexual tension that was unsuitable for a pair that look more like mother and daughter than female musical colleagues. Madonna and Miley ended the painful TV moment back-to-back with tongues to the floor, or at least Cyrus’ abnormally long tongue wagged as Mo’s smaller version emerged to partially protrude from her mouth.

A New York radio station said the Madonna/Miley mash-up sounded like a bad open karaoke night, and the co-host of the same morning talk show called the two performers “attention whores”, however the vocals weren’t that terrible, it was the awkwardness of the sexual situation that made the performance difficult to watch.

Well, at least Madonna didn’t perform for Miley Cyrus’ “MTV Unplugged” with her cane and grill.

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