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Madonna Badger remarries: Women who lost family in fire finds love again

Madonna Badger has found love again and moved on. This women has been through a lot so it is great to see her happy once again. On Friday, People shared the news about her new marriage and her story. Things are going great for her now.

Back in 2011, Madonna lost her parents and three daughters to a big fire on Christmas Day. She has now eloped and is married to the man who stood by her side during the entire thing. Madonna was injured in the fire and when she woke up in the hospital Bill Duke was one of the people by her bed making sure that she was okay.

She actually dated one of his brothers years ago but they stayed friends. When she woke up, three men were by her bed and one of those was Bill. He was trying to help her out through this tragic time in her life. Everyone is excited to hear this news that she has found love once again.

After the fire, she left New York to stay with some friends. When she was ready to come back, she contacted Bill. She went on to say, "We looked at houses for several weeks. One day he asked me out and I said yes. Recently he asked me to marry him, and I said yes to that, too." A while back, she spoke out to Vogue saying, "Basically, I go to wherever the light is because anything else is darkness, and it can be a deeply black darkness."

The fact that Monica Badger lost her entire family and was able to move on should help anyone that has been through a tragedy to feel hopeful. Life is not over and you can find happiness. She has proved that she was able to find love and Madonna is now doing great.

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