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Madison Rising National Anthem drops jaws at Daytona: Video shows puzzled faces

Madison Rising belted out a rendition of the "National Anthem" at the Daytona Speedway that raised some eyebrows and left folks looking puzzled. Was it the worst rendition of “Star Spangled Banner" that ever was? No, but it certainly was one that didn't follow the beaten path. The ending was where the song took a turn that many just couldn't wrap their heads around.

Madison Rising singing "Star Spangled Banner" at NASCAR raised some eyebrows.
YouTube screen shot

When Madison Rising took to the stage and belted out the patriotic song, the start of the song didn't get too many odd looks, but it was the ending that was the kicker. NASCAR drivers Danika Patrick and Brad Keselowski faces said it all as the two looked more than puzzled as the rock band took the song into its finish, according to Fox News on Feb. 22.

Besides Patrick and Keselowski, other drivers were seen “chuckling” and many fans were shaking their heads. Saturday kicked off the opening on NASCAR’s season at the Daytona and the guitar-heavy band seemed to throw everyone there off guard.

“The Star Spangled Banner” never sounded like this before and when lead singer of Madison Rising told the crowd beforehand that they “took some liberties” with the song, people soon learned that they weren’t kidding. Apparently Dave Bray, lead singer, warned that the song was a bit different than what folks are used to. He said:

"We took some liberties. The reverence is still there, but it has sort of taken on the death march in a way. It's very sullen and sung in a very sullen way."

Some people took to the social networks and sang praises for Madison Rising's performance. Others thought that NASCAR folks lean more toward the traditional way of singing this song. What do you think? Was it a great performance, or a bit edgy for NASCAR?

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