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Madison Rising national anthem: Daytona rockers do not impress

The Madison Rising national anthem number did not go over too well as many are noticing the headline about Daytona's choice for the song Saturday. USA Today reports Feb. 22 that the three-member band has billed themselves as “America’s most patriotic rock band.”

NASCAR asked Madison Rising to sing the national anthem at Nationwide at Daytona in what was considered a fairly bad performance. It was compared to the infamous national anthem that Roseanne Barr sang at a baseball game several years back of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The Madison Rising national anthem is actually amusing. The band did not appear to purposely make the song into a bad thing, they just have a style that makes the patriotic song sound different....if not off tune a bit.

Watch the band perform the song and see what you think of their rendition of the anthem. Reactions of the crowd are hard to read since there are many straight-faced NASCAR drivers and spectators seen throughout the audience while the Madison Rising national anthem plays out.

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