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Madison media coverage of Palin speech lacking


  • Carla Oefinger 6 years ago

    Great article and right on target! Way to hit the nail on the head Mr. Collins

  • Beverly Slader 6 years ago

    Pitiful Madison newpaper

  • Sandra Gilliland 6 years ago

    So typical of our newspapers today. What ever happened to unbiased and truthful reporting? Thank you Mr. Collins for recognizing one of todays big problems in the newspaper business.

  • Sandra Gilliland 6 years ago

    You have reinforced the problem with todays newspapers. They are so liberally biased that they refuse to report on anything that does not fit their own personal political views.

  • Dick Graves 6 years ago

    Well said John,it is refreshing to hear a conservative voice from Madison. Keep it up, the Truth will prevail.

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