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Madison helping Haiti

Waiting for Relief
Waiting for Relief

Thirteen members of Madison church The Journey Community were in Haiti a mere twenty-four hours before the massive 7.0 earthquake rocked the region causing devastation and the deaths of thousands. While they arrived home safely, they left behind one of their numbers, Chris Sahlman who is spending a year in the country volunteering at an orphanage.

This is only one of many ties that Madison has to the ravaged area. From graduate students originally from Haiti to engineering students working in the region to help provide clean water, our city has shown itself ready and willing to help one of the world's poorest regions.

If you and your children are looking for a way to help, there is a list of some local Madison charities that are accepting donations on the Wisconsin State Journal website. Most charities are looking for cash donations at this time since sending goods from our nation is extremely expensive, logistically complex,  and it undercuts the local Hatian economy that will need all the help it can get as rebuilding continues.

Making sure the disaster area gets the most bang for your buck, you can check out these charity rating websites:,, and the Better Business Bureau.