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Madisan Greenberg and the Trojan war

Many Gentle Readers may be familiar with the Trojan war of Greek mythology. Not all of you may know what started it. It was an apple. A golden apple, given to Aphrodite who promised, in return, to give Paris the most beautiful woman alive. He chose Helen, then of Sparta, and the grounds for war were set.

Madisan Greenberg with the golden apple.
by author
Madisan takes a bite out of the cause of the Trojan war.
by author

Las Vegas model Madisan Greenberg was inspired by that story to recreate Helen of Troy, uniting her in photos with the golden apple that started those events and led to the war. The slide show accompanying this article shows the results, including one of Madisan among the statuary at the Acropolis, all with her apple. Makeup and hair styling for the set was done by Genesis Rosas.

Madisan is relatively new on the modeling scene in Las Vegas. Her sister was a model with the Ford agency for years, and Madisan, being tall, slim and beautiful, has decided to try following those footsteps. For the last year she has been working primarily with friend and photographer Alexia Lombard, but recently has branched out to work with other photographers, and has been doing runway shows and some promotional modeling. Her ultimate goal is to be signed by a New York agency, be sent overseas, and have the chance to become an international fashion model.