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Made to solve problems in space

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Girls learn the future of science experiments in space at the San Diego Youth Space Institute.

Work at the San DIego Youth Space Institute leads up to a science experiment on the International Space Station. The institute is open to applications from high school girls until May 28th.

The MicroLab making team selected in June, a dozen to a deozen and a half San DIegans, will broaden future horizons in science work done in zero gravity. San Diego Science Alliance at Mission Center Road, a "catalyst" for improving sceience education in town, does not let any of its K-12 students postpone scientific progress. Experiments the association runs are designed to prove the students can continously improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

In March, a 2 inch by 2 inch by 4 inch nanorack the all-girl Academy team made launched into space to travel on the international station for 15 million miles at 250 miles above the Earth. Students designed and engineered a 100 percent auto0nomous computer controlled experiment run on the rack.

THis year's students start at ground zero in August. An autonomous MicroLab will do its work on the space station next March. First, the students get on track. Using a BASIC Kit Parallax Inc. makes, and a 9 volt battery, each student will complete their own program and circuit board project. A Stamp Kit. The fast Academy pace starts off.

Inspired students then set out into weekly education classes. Fall to March. Five hours a month at the CalIT2 facility at UCSD. Mentors, including local experts in zero gravity and mentors trained at the QUEST Institute for Quality Education in San Jose, California, direct the students during their lab work.

Leading girls into space is not all the association invests its time in. They also anticipate a 2nd co-ed International Space Station Academy this year.

Experiments that go live stay in store at Mission Center Road.

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