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Made In Egypt: The Story of Amoura Accessories

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Amoura is a feminine line of accessories (mainly jewelry and scarves) by Miami-based designer, Julie Acosta. The stunning pieces feature designs based on her greatest source of inspiration – Egypt. In fact, her designs are actually handmade by talented craftswomen in the African nation.

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Acosta traveled to Egypt three years ago and experienced what she describes to be an Eat, Pray, Love sort of journey with an Egyptian flavor. The fateful trip changed the life of the recently-divorced designer and mother of two who left a high-paying, successful job around the time she would be planning for upcoming retirement. “Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with everything about Egypt, the culture, the history, the stories”, the designer explained. After her first trip to the country felt much too short, she realized she could return to make a business with the support of the reactions of friends and family to the great buys she took home to Miami. On her second trip she managed to organize everything to start the business when she came across a Southern Egyptian village with workshops of women making stunning scarves. These underprivileged women were learning to sew, paint, embroider, make jewelry and other wonderful skills. Acosta sourced her most of her scarf makers from the village as well as her two jewelry makers and the women continue to work with her and her designs to make the Amoura collections happen. “They are truly the example of the new generation of Egyptian women; ambitious, driven, creative, and full of hope for their future. I love them dearly and have become great friends,” says Julie Acosta about her talented team back in Egypt.

Egypt has had a beautiful impact on Acosta - “I believe it’s the wealth of diverse history and culture. There are so many beautiful things that are handmade in Egypt, the colors of the fabrics and stones are simply amazing but the most important thing that has inspired me from Egypt have been the friends I’ve made during the course of my travels there...simple and friendly people that have opened their homes and heart to me.” She explains that Amoura is not just about the fashion but the people as well. The semi-precious stones in the collections are native to various regions of the country and the scarves are all made from 100% pure Egyptian cotton.

“I’m passionate about what I’m doing in that I feel this curiosity and love that started when I was a child about this place is giving me a sense of purpose in helping and empowering women in a part of the world where it’s not easy to be one,” – Julie Acosta.

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