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Made In America- Throwback With An Edge

Made In America

Rock music has hard its hard time finding a mainstay in the ever changing music industry, yet there are those that not only refuse to let it die but still have its place in the modern world. Made In America is one of those bands. The Long Island Duo comprised of Craig Zeolla and Cass Dillon, have called this project a quote unquote "Hard rock mixed with Catchy Songwriting and Clever Lyrics - Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Journey, Rainbow, Queen, Toto, Humble Pie, Bad Company.". Pretty big aspirations when you are in that kind of a company, but then again music like that does still exist with acts like Gotye and Imagine Dragons, who mix an alternative sound with really fantastic songwriting. What does that equal? Grammy and music gold my friends. Maybe Made In America can be that as well.

The leadoff single that they are promoting on their Reverb Nation page is called "All My Money", something that I can dedicate my student loans to (hehe). Getting away from that corny joke, the song actually does have a great guitar rhythm to it and I can definitely see how acts like Foreigner and Bon Jovi influence their music styles for sure. Even the way that Craig sings on the tracks has that great 80's throwback, something reminiscent of Lou Gramm or an old AC/DC song for sure. The issue that I have with this type of music is that it is very hard to make current again as hard rock of this sorts hasn't been popular in years. Then again, there is always a crowd for anything, so if they can take this and make it grow, I am sure it can turn into something great.

Check out more about Made In America by logging onto their Facebook and Reverb Nation page. Best of luck to them in the future.

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