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Maddie Claybourne stirs up the world of Nashville

Charles as Deacon
Charles as Deacon
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Maddie Claybourne goes viral, Scarlett O’Connor makes a splash for Juliette, and Deacon thinks about drinking. Just a few high notes from last week’s episode of Nashville, just like always the drama is building higher and higher. The stars are singing the wrong songs in their personal lives. Deacon’s lady cheated on him with Teddy, of all people, while he was out on the road. Deacon is running. He packs a few things and takes off at the end of the episode.
Previews for next week show him struggling again with his addiction. At the end of this past week’s episode, Rayna tries to get in touch with Deacon, to talk about Maddie and her viral videos she has been posting of herself, even though Rayna has a strict no social media policy in the house. Deacon doesn’t answer, but Rayna doesn’t know yet that Deacon is about to struggle again with the one thing that always tore those two apart. Maybe it will bring them closer together again. Deacon deserves better, he deserves to finally be happy with Rayna. That’s the way the season should have started. But where is the drama in that?
Also at the end of last week, Juliette is convinced that Scarlett is not only drunk, but possibly also high. Avery knocks that down as if it’s impossible. He tells Juliette that Scarlett has never done any type of drugs before and she wouldn’t. Little does he know about his ex-girlfriend. Next week they preview Scarlett’s mother showing up to the tour. Scarlett seems to crack under the pressure and overdoes it with the drugs and alcohol. Will she pull everything together before she goes on stage or will she officially crash and burn?
Layla and Will got married. She thinks it is pure love, when the truth is, Will is using her to hide his sexuality from the label and the fans. The wedding isn’t going to stop the truth from coming out, it will only delay the inevitable.
Next week look for Maddie Claybourne to start the fire storm. Rayna and Deacon’s affair comes out to the public and the press will have a field day with it all. What will this do to Deacon and what will it do to Maddie? Maybe Deacon can pull it together with Rayna to help Maddie through this tough time ahead.