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Madden NFL 25 anniversary edition

Best deal out there!!
Best deal out there!!
EA Sports

For gamers and football fans alike, Madden NFL 25 will be on the must buy list. For those who are looking for purchasing the title, Amazon looks like it will be offering the best use of your money. The Amazon purchase will get new DirecTV customers $10 removed from their monthly bill and will give you the NFL Sunday Ticket Max package for free. Max package allows you to access games on your computer, tablet, or phone.

This is deal is exclusive only to Amazon and only 100,000 copies are available. If DirecTV isn't available in your area, you can use the code for a trial run of the service. The trial will be
available for the full season. It won't be available for your TV in the case, but can be used for other devices.

The Anniversary edition is selling for $99.99 but with a value of $400, it is worth every penny. Check out for more details on the offer.