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Madden NFL 13 Exclusive: success, next year's game, Wii U and next-generation

What do you think of this year's Madden?
What do you think of this year's Madden?

Madden NFL is one of the longest running and most popular sports franchises of all-time and just when some may have thought the series was losing some luster, this year's game came out and put on a record setting performance.

Roy Harvey, Executive Producer of Madden NFL 13, took sometime to speak with regarding the launch of the game, what the team was expecting from the it and which direction the team will be taking the game next year.

Harvey said they were expecting the game to perform well at launch, but they were pleasantly surprised with the game's record setting totals.

"We had a feeling early on that this was going to be a game the fans would enjoy, though there’s always that bit of trepidation when you put so much new stuff into one game.

"So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s been really heartening for the team to hear so much praise for the Infinity Engine, Connected Careers and all the other additions and improvements to Madden NFL 13.

"We’re extremely proud of the game’s record-setting launch; it really makes all the hard work worth it! This isn’t the end though, in fact it’s just the beginning," Harvey said.

Madden NFL 13 sold well over 1.65 million units during its first week of being on sale, which ended up being an eight percent increase from last year's first week to this year's.

Harvey said there will be additional content on the way and that the team is working hard to get everything complete.

"Our most recent update includes the ability to instantly start as a player in Connected Careers, various stability improvements and Game Face improvements. Also, we recently reintroduced Fantasy Drafts to Online Connected Careers through a little server-side magic.

"We’ve been listening to fan feedback and have some other ideas for future enhancements, but there’s nothing official to announce right now.

"The team is hard at work creating title updates based on fan feedback," Harvey said.

When asked about what might be involved in next year's title, he said they don't have specifics to share yet, but they will be refining changes to some of the new features that were implemented into this year's game.

"We’re always looking to the future and thinking about ways we can make Madden better and better.

"You can expect a combination of new ideas plus a refining of the things we introduced this year," Harvey said.

Harvey went on to talk about how some changes to the game for next year will come from what fans have to say about this year's title.

"We’ve already got some ideas on parts of the game we want to examine going forward, but we’re always listening to our fans out in the community.

"We’ve got a very vocal fan base, which I believe is a good thing, as it allows us to find out exactly what the community wants in a Madden game.

"Believe me when I say we are totally committed to innovation and constant improvement, because our primary goal is to deliver the best Madden ever," Harvey said.

Harvey was asked about how he thinks Madden's current technology is going to transfer over to the next-generation of consoles, and he merely said they did a lot on current systems this year and they still have more to offer gamers.

"While we can’t provide details on the next generation of consoles, we proved with Madden NFL 13 that we could make an exciting, fresh game on current hardware, so I’m confident going forward we’ve still got more to offer," Harvey said.

Madden fans that are excited for the Wii U to be released; you all will be able to get your hands on both when they are released on Nov. 18th.

Madden NFL 13 is available now on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Finally, those from Boston will be happy with Harvey's choice of favorite team and whom he thinks will win the Super Bowl this year.

"I’m a big New England Patriots fan, so they’re my go-to team in Madden. As for my Super Bowl pick, I sure wouldn’t mind seeing another ring for Tom Brady and the rest of the team!" Harvey said.


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