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Madden NFL 11's new analog stick controls


Along with the new Gameflow play-picking add-on, Madden NFL 11 will introduce new analog stick controls. Destructoid says the controls will be similar to the FIFA and NHL EA Sports games.

Madden NFL 11 cover, starring Drew Brees.
EA Sports

The right analog stick is divided into two parts, bottom and top. The top half of the stick controls the upper body. Up will cause the player to tuck and left and right will cause the character to move his upper body. The lower part of the stick controls the legs. Left or right will cause the player to pivot off the grounded foot. Combing down with a motion to the left or right will cause a spin move.

If the controls are fluid, then it will add a lot of skill to the game. The NHL games have benefited from the more lifelike controls. Running the ball will be more plausible in the pass heavy Madden world as running has their own concentrated skill list.

And Frostburg fans, Donovan McNabb will be on the Redskins, that's for sure.

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  • help!!!!! 5 years ago

    answer one question is the dpad not available ?????is it only analog??????

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