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'Madden' and 'Sunset Overdrive' bundles coming to Xbox One

Football fans will have another reason to pick up an Xbox One this year
Football fans will have another reason to pick up an Xbox One this year
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission

Microsoft's Xbox One will be turning a year old this November, so it only makes sense that the company would begin pushing this year's special deals and releases. A Madden 15 bundle was confirmed by Microsoft earlier today, though we also got a preview of a Sunset Overdrive bundle thanks to French retailer Micro Mania. Both of these bundles look like excellent deals and should be available before the holiday season.

The Madden 15 bundle will feature an Xbox One without the Kinect (which seems to be the standard now), along with a digital download code for the title. This release will be available for only $399, which is the same price as an Xbox One without the free game. This means that hardcore football fans who haven't bought into the latest in Microsoft's line of consoles can save themselves $60 with this release. The console itself appears to be the regular black model that has been available since launch. The bundle is set to be available alongside the launch of the game on August 26th.

The Sunset Overdrive bundle is a bit more interesting. The French retailer we linked to above took down its listing shortly after posting, but not before Cinema Blend was able to take a screenshot. Featured in this bundle is a white Xbox One. While Microsoft had previously given out white consoles to some of their employees, this will mark the first time this alternate color will be available to the public. The listing also had the console priced at 399 €, which means that, like its Madden counterpart, Sunset Overdrive would also come as a free bonus. We don't know when this bundle will become available, or whether it will reach the North American market, but we imagine it will launch alongside the game on October 28th.