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'Madden 15' time limit could bring EA Access backlash

While Madden 15 is drawing a lot of buzz as it gets closer and closer to release date, Electronic Arts might have found a way on Monday to anger people about access to Madden NFL 15 even as they get excited for the game itself.

Screengrab of EA Access Tweet About Madden Access

The trouble surrounding Madden 15 appears to be some confusion among EA Access users and the company itself. When talking about EA Access there was quite a bit of focus by users and EA about the fact that gamers who subscribed to the $4.95 a month service would be the only ones to get early access to Madden 15.

While it is true that EA Access subscribers are going to get a look at Madden 15 a full week before people are able to buy it, most people assumed they would have total and complete ability to play Madden 15 right up until it went live for everyone else.

It turns out that one Twitter user, going simply by the name of Kansas has shed some light on the program in a way that’s likely to anger some Madden NFL 15 gamers. A simple question and the response drew a firestorm of angry Twitter users after it was revealed that EA Access users would only get six hours of game play before the game is officially released.

EA can rightfully say that it never claimed people would be able to play Madden NFL 15 right up until release day, but it also never made it incredibly clear, at least in its advertising of the service that such a time limit would be placed on the game. Since the six hour limit was made public there have been hundreds of people voicing their displeasure over having less time to play Madden 15 than they originally thought.

As one user pointed out, the biggest problem is EA Access has replaced another program that allowed people unlimited access to EA Sports games three days before they hit store shelves. If someone was playing Madden 15 for example, they would be able to play Madden NFL 15 as though they had just begun their dynasty for free a few days early. Then, when the game actually hit store shelves, they could purchase Madden 15 and still have access to their saves. It’s not clear if even this feature is live on Madden NFL 15 when talking about EA Access.

At this point, you have to wonder whether Sony might have seen the kind of backlash only getting six hours to play Madden 15 early was going to have. Those without EA Access will be able to get Madden NFL 15 on August 26 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

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