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Madden 12: PS3 users experiencing graphics issues

Within a week of its release, the first major issue with this year’s Madden title seems to have been discovered as a large number of Playstation 3 users have reported poor field textures. The issue seems to impact fields that have artificial turf (including Gillette Stadium) and becomes more apparent in shadows or during night games. Interestingly, the problems appear to be isolated to PS3 consoles and a cursory look at the direct comparisons presented at Operation Sports shows a drastic difference between the two versions of the title. Although EA has yet to offer an official response to the issue, some users believe that the issue may be related to lighting and may be adjusted via an automatic patch. However, without official word from EA it is possible that the issue may ultimately go unresolved.

While the issue does not have a negative influence on the gameplay, it is certainly a noteworthy issue, especially for PS3 users. One of the game’s strengths with the current title was its artistic improvements, with player models, stadiums and fields textures receiving significant upgrades. Taking one of those aspects out of the equation can certainly damper the experience and prove to be a source of frustration for those with affected consoles. For those considering purchasing the title, it may be beneficial to purchase the Xbox version, or wait until there is an official response or fix released from EA.

Madden 12
is available now for all major consoles and can be found at Best Buy locations throughout the greater Boston area.


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