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Madden 11: Taking aim at quitters

The Madden team hopes new rules will discourage online quitters
The Madden team hopes new rules will discourage online quitters
EA Sports

For as long as Madden has been played online, there has always been a small part (depending on who you talk to) of the Madden community that habitually quits. In most cases, these users select a team with a high overall ranking with speedy receivers and a decent quarterback, runs three or four plays throughout the entire game, runs foolishly drastic defenses and has a habit of quitting a game if they are down more than a few scores. For most members of the community, “cheesers” as they are often called, drastically drag down the integrity and enjoyment of online football. However, with a recently released update, the Madden team is apparently ready to take aim at these users by implementing some new rules. Here is a list of the upcoming changes to online play:

     “1. Any quitter / disconnecter in a ranked game will automatically be given a loss. The victim will automatically be given a win.
     2. We are currently monitoring the leaderboards and planning on zero’ing out the stats of any accounts found to be using quitting tactics (via high DNF / win percentages and game logs). This monitoring will be standard practice moving forward as well, as we have built in notifications to our server team that will automatically zero out any folks caught “boosting”, or using one account to quit immediately and award a win.
     3. In a Madden Ultimate Team game, a person quitting will have a game burned off of his contracts for the players in the game to discourage this practice. The victim will always receive coins, prorated based on the percentage complete of the game (i.e. if it’s the 1st quarter, he’ll only get ¼ of the coins he would have gotten if he were to finish, if it’s at the end of the game, he’ll get ~90%, etc). The same note applies as above on anyone caught “boosting” after this fix is rolled out – they will be punished with bans, contract removals, or any other tactics we see fit.
     4. We also found an issue where PDLC OTP boosts were being subtracted incorrectly. Anyone that had this happen has had their boost coin purchase refunded.”

While the current strategy to punish quitters and “cheesers” by lowering their winning percentage seems like the logical step, it will be interesting to see how the group responds. In some ways, it always seems that the cheaters are somehow just one small step ahead of the enforcers. To some degree it may curb or at least discourage some individuals from making quitting a habit but I would imagine that some will just take the loss and move forward. However, it is an interesting storyline to follow over the next several months as more and more individuals are exposed to the game and get fired up for the football season.

Madden 11 is currently available at Best Buy locations throughout New England.


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