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Madden 11 demo now available


Madden 11 hits shelves next month (EA Sports)

The demo for this year’s version of Madden NFL Football is now available for download on Xbox Live and PSN. In the demo, users can re-play last year’s AFC Championship game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets. In contrast to years past, the demo allows users to play four, five minute quarters. The alteration of the typical Madden demo format was done in order to better represent the experience users will encounter with the retail version which is to be released next month.

Aside from the change in format, the demo marks the first time that many Madden gamers will have the opportunity to try out the new “Gameflow” feature which was implemented this offseason. The feature has received some mixed feedback from those who have spent time with the game so it will be interesting to see how the large scale Madden community responds to the new play calling system.

Have you downloaded the Madden demo? What do you think of “Gameflow”? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Madden 11 will be available August 10th at all Best Buy locations throughout New England.

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