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Madame Claude's high profile client list included John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy

The stories about Madame Claude in her heyday never cease to amaze persons who find it difficult to believe – yet definitely believable – when it comes to stories about her clients. Such a piece has been released by the New York Post via a Vanity Fair article on Friday. This time around, there are more names and details which will cause readers of such items to slap their cheek and say, “OMG!”

As is well known, Madame Claude is the woman who employed literally hundreds of women who would make money via the world’s oldest profession. Those females were to entertain some of the world’s wealthiest and most successful people. The list of clients who visited these prostitutes in Paris, France was extensive.

Among some of the information revealed in the piece is that her clients – more frequently previously thought – included famed persons from the political world and from Hollywood. In the latest stories, it is revealed that the Hollywood clientele included “The Godfather” Academy Award winning actor Marlon Brando. On the political, world leadership side, President John F. Kennedy and Muammar Gaddafi found their way to Madame Claude for service. In fact, both of Jackie Kennedy’s first and second husbands found their way to Madame Claude to lay down some money for their desired entertainment, according to the Daily Mail report on the subject.

As for President John F. Kennedy, it has been revealed that he asked Madame Claude for a prostitute who resembled his wife Jackie. But, he added to that request that he wanted the prostitute to not only look like her – but to also be ‘hot.’ While there are no such details for all of the madam’s clients, the names keep coming. Besides JFK, the former first lady’s second husband Aristotle Onassis reportedly laid down some of his incredible wealth at Madame Claude’s doorstep as well. Maria Callas allegedly showed up with Onassis and had some outrageous – in not depraved – requests.

Other names on the madam’s roster included Marc Chagall who would give the prostitutes sketches of their nude selves, Gianni Agnelli who took a group to Mass after an orgy, and the Shah who gave jewelry during his escapades with the women. It is also reported in the Vanity Fair piece that other guests at the madam’s door included Moshe Dayan. Along with Brando on the Hollywood list is Rex Harrison.

These revealed persons would likely be very upset if still alive. After all, it would have been thought that the high price included privacy as well. Madame Claude’s real name was Fernande Grudet. She was born in 1923 and was allegedly the most famous French procurer in the 1960 – providing for dignitaries and civil servants – and, now we know, even more. There was a film about her – and titled “Madame Claude” – released in 1977.

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