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Mad Will's produces premier products for Artisan Purveyors

Chef Isaac's grill Slathers are produced by Mad Will's
Chef Isaac's grill Slathers are produced by Mad Will's

Overwhelming was the word most heard when attendees were asked to describe the 60th annual Fancy Food Show that ended last week in New York City. The event was larger than previous years and the burgeoning “Newbie” section confirms the artisan culinary sector of the industry is emerging from the recession stronger than years before. This trend of artisan purveyors has jump started the small batch manufacturing industry as more culinary artisans are marketing their way to success and sidestepping the grocery store shelf.

In Auburn, California, Mad Wills Food Company has built a portfolio of preferred purveyors by offering important services every artisan needs in addition to all natural and organic product development and manufacturing. As Northern California’s premier small batch manufacturer, The Company unveiled their new four color label printer at their Gold Country plant in Auburn, yesterday making them the first private label manufacturer to offer brand building services including high-quality, full bleed custom produced in-house labels.

The California Gold Country based manufacturer specializes in all natural and organic products for both private label and co packing. Mad Will’s not only manufactures products but also offers brand building services for their clients. The company’s Gold Branding Package offers a variety of tools and services food related business need to succeed. Whether developing and analyzing a brand, expanding an already established market, or an initial product consultation, Mad Will’s offers more than manufacturing.

“We have seen more changes in food manufacturing over the past ten years than we have in the 20 years before,” said Gil Hilleary, General Manager of Mad Wills. “Our development team realized if our clients were to grow, they needed help. While some manufacturers guide through the production process we guide you to the grocer’s table.”

Chef Isaac Sciutto, creator of Chef Isaac's Grill Slathers found Mad Will's while doing market research on his product.

"Gil and the entire team at Mad Will's was easy to work with and offered volumes of tips and advice on how to bring my product to market. The support services they offer turned out to be invaluable,: Sciutto said.

Since 1979 Mad Will's has been producing quality co-packing and private label products for top retailers and artisan purveyors across the country. Whether a small batch purveyor or an established brand with a national plan, Mad Wills offers services unavailable through other manufacturers.

Mad Will’s newest service is their ability to produce high quality labeling for small batch runs. This is an important asset for every small batch purveyor. The new labeling system offers higher quality at a lower quantity. Often, high press run requirements make it impossible for many small artisans to promote the quality of their product through the quality of their labels. Simply, label printing has advanced to almost desktop size with large press quality.

“Packaging has always presented a dilemma for small purveyors. Producing a short run, four color label had been cost prohibitive in the past. With the latest technology at hand, we now have the capabilities to offer short run quality labels for a minimal case order,” said Mr. Hilleary. Another packaging milestone for Mad Will’s is their pouch packaging capabilities. Whether a company is looking for a simple sample sized, 4 oz. pouch or a full sized pouch to package product Mad Will’s fills that need.

Mad Will’s has helped launch over 250 brands since the company began. Specializing in all natural and organic ingredients the manufacturer is considered a leader in the Natural Food manufacturing sector. Specializing in hot and cold pack products, the company produces numerous Pasta Sauces, Barbecue Sauces and Salad Dressings for specialty grocery and food service across the country. As a Northern California natural and organic producer, they have built their reputation on their ability to source Northern California products and deliver quality standards for natural and organic products. On top of that, Mad Will’s assists in developing your product line and expanding your brand. Whether co-packing or private label, Mad Will’s will guide you through the process. For more information about Mad Will’s visit

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